HR Coil/ Sheet (Hot Rolled Coil/ Sheet)

HR Coil SheetWe at Omansh Enterprises, deal in wide range of H R Coil/Sheet which are applied to a variety of uses such as Automobiles, Electrical Appliances, Construction Materials and Containers among others. These are obtained via continuous casting process of rectangular shaped slabs, which are then hot rolled into 1.50-20.00 mm thickness range. They are offered either as coils or are provided in the form of sheet plates that are custom sized.


CR Coil/Sheet (Cold Rolled Coil/Sheet)

CR SheetCRC or Cold Rolled Coils are manufactured from pickled hot rolled strip. The produced cold rolled coil has distinctive forming properties, paint-ability, electromagnetic properties and weld-ability. Widely used in structural fabrication work, the coil can be easily formed, pressed or bent for desired shape. The major applications of these coils include automotive manufacturing, electrical components, lighting fixtures, roofing applications, profiled sheets and wall elements. The CRCs have high hardness and ductility that are inevitable for structural fabrications.

We at Omansh, provide Cold-rolled steel which are highly finished products and has a smoother surface, greater dimensional accuracy (thickness, width, length) and greater strength.


Tin Coil/Sheet

Tin CoilTP/TFS is made with a tin coating, using electrolysis on the surface of thin cold-rolled steel sheet. TP/TFS has an elegant shining surface, high workability and high corrosion resistance.

We at Omansh, provide best quality tin coil/sheet procured from trusted manufacturers across the globe our products are free from impurities and finds wide application in several industries such as electrical, engineering, defense and printing.


M.S./S.S. Wire Rods (Mild Steel / Stainless Steel Wire Rod)

Mild Steel Stainless Steel Wire Rod - 87938798734The Mild Steel Sheets are used in varied engineering and constructional applications. Made from high grade mild steels, the sheets are used in metalworking, can be bent & cut in wide range of shapes. The sheets are weld-able and are used in the construction of building, dams, bridges and power plants. Mild steel is quite strong in quality, thus the sheets can withstand high temperature and load. On changing the content of carbon in the mid steel, the strength of the sheets can be altered as per the requirements. The mild steel sheets with high content of carbon have low resistance against different temperature levels.

Stainless Steel Sheet is the most cost effective of the steel sheets. These types of sheets show excellent resistance against chemicals, marine environment and industrial effects. There are wide applications of these sheets that include dairy, sanitary, product handling and processing, beverage and food, marine hardware, hospital equipment, back splashes and kitchen appliances. High in tensile strength, the sheets are dimensionally accurate. In addition to all this, the wide range of sheets also find usage in industries of fats & fertilizers, chemicals, cement, paper, petrochemicals, construction and ship building.

We at Omansh, offer premium quality Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Wire Rods which are appreciated for their excellent finish and tensile strength.


M.S. Structure

PIC_1These find extensive applications in city construction projects and other structure-enhancing projects. Offered at industry leading rates our range is best known for precision design and durability.

We at Omansh, trade and supply Structural Steel, which are widely used for varied industrial application. These have the ability to withstand harsh working environment and are available at industry leading prices.




omansh-cables1A cable is two or more wires running side by side and bonded, twisted, or braided together to form a single assembly. The term originally referred to a nautical line of specific length where multiple ropes, each laid clockwise, are then laid together anti-clockwise and shackled to produce a strong thick line, resistant to water absorption, that was used to anchor large ships.

We at Omansh, offer a range of cables, that are designed using the latest technology and appreciated by our clients for technological, production, logistics and after-sales capacity.